The Israel Identity Haplogroup Issue


Martin Lightfoot is to chair a working party to address the claim that there is an inconsistency of modern genetic findings with British-Israel teaching.

Preliminary discussion has already taken place with other identity organizations and we are grateful to Yair Davidiy for his input.


The large variety of haplogroup markers in the Middle East as illustrated in JD McDonalds 2005 research map

( corroborates the biblical account of Assyrian invasions that removed almost the entire population of the Northern Kingdom of Israel and a very large proportion of the Kingdom of Judah replacing them with various peoples from a whole range of conquered provinces (II Kings 17:24).


The shape of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob’s "Y" chromosome is not known. Was it an "R" group, i.e. that of Western Europeans many of whom according to Milton (History Of Britain - 1670 Book 3   Para. 41-43) and Turner (The History of the Anglo Saxons – 1852 - Vol.1 p.82) are known to have migrated particularly from the Black Sea region of the Middle East?

" Y-DNA Haplogroup R is perhaps the most prominent Y-DNA lineage on Earth today. It is the pre-eminent Y haplogroup in Europe, the U.S. and India" (

The promise to Ephraim and Manasseh the birthright tribes of Israel is:

"he (Manasseh) also shall be great: but truly his younger brother (Ephraim) … shall become a multitude of nations.

(Genesis 48:19).


The haplogroups "J1 & J2" largely associated with Jews could have developed from R1b simply by loss of the extra DNA information that distinguishes J from R. Furthermore, the Jews who are largely from the tribes of Judah, Benjamin and Levi (Ezra 1:5) have been separated for some 3,000 years from the Ten Tribes.

The length of separation together with inevitable foreign infusion on both sides, environmental influences, genetic drift, etc, is more than enough to explain any differences that may exist between the two bodies.


Moreover, some combination can occur between the Y and X chromosomes.

The Stanford School of Medicine ( suggests that the "Y" chromosome not only recombines with up to 5% of the "X", it also recombines with its own "Y" duplicate DNA.


The male DNA (Y chromosome) of Jews is close to that of groups who have dwelt in the Middle East for an extended period such as the Kurds, Turks, Armenians and to a lesser degree Arabs. This however should be explained by geographical provenance. The Jews were in the Middle East for much longer than the Tribes deported into Assyria who then embarked on migration routes away from the Middle East.

There is a need to evidence that the progression from one haplogroup to another is most likely to have gone from a "developed" haplogroup (such as R or N) by losing DNA information. This does accord with decades of scientific research into both observed and artificially induced mutations which demonstrates that mutations involve a loss of DNA information.


Finally, Israel identity researchers have continually contended that the Anglo Saxon / Cymri-Celtic / Norman peoples are largely of common stock. This is now demonstrated by current haplogroup data as seen on JD McDonalds (2005) research map.

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